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Along the Beach Road you’ll find Negombo’s most favorite restaurants and bars. Here you can spend a good time in a great atmosphere but don’t expect any night-long parties. They can be found on Fridays and Saturdays in Colombo. In the basements of the major hotels like HILTON or TAJ SAMUDRA you can find great clubs. Good music and beautiful people. Distance to Negombo about 50 km or 60 min.

Many beach restaurants cater for all needs and budgets.
If you are looking for parties better stay right on the beach. Organized beach parties are regular events where you’ll find package tourists, surfers, hippies and locals having a great time in a tropical ambience.
Quite often people are dancing all over the place till well past sunrise.


other Activities


are a lot of fun. With well maintained 250 cc, 4 stroke engines along beaches, roads, tracks and off-road is just great! Already one afternoon is certainly worth it.
The fastest way to find out more about country, people and attractions

Kite Surfing

You can learn to kiteboard under certain conditions. If you are considering taking a course please let us know beforehand so we can book a licensed instructor.
Both in Hikkaduwa as well as in Negombo the beach is wide enough to guarantee your safety.
The combination with wakeboarding is ideal for all who can fly the kite good enough on the beach, but do have problems taking off with the board.
Unfortunately both locations don’t offer hip-deep water conditions.
We always do have kites in stock for training or rental.


Currently there is only one international PADI diving school in Negombo.
The dive sites are in a boat ride distance of 15m - 1h and highly attractive. An uncrowded dive is guaranteed.
Equipment is in excellent condition and available on-site.

There are many attractions for snorkeling and scuba diving in and around Hikkaduwa.
Just off the beach you'll find coral reefs and sea turtles, the many off shore dive spots are served by a number of professional diving schools located in Hikkaduwa.
One of the most famous attraction is the wreck of the SS Conch, the world's first oil tanker, which sunk near Hikkaduwa.

Wind Surfing 

Our own equipment needs at least 5 Beaufort; this means only experienced windsurfers will enjoy the few days with ultimate wind conditions.

Excellent light wind cruising on our lake.


Hikkaduwa is Sri Lankas Surf-gateway to the south. Any level will find their playground here.


From gentle cruising to heavy duty white water rafting with protection gear everything is possible. The boys from www.actionlanka.com are experienced pilots. Those who really want to know it, will get their wish.


Certainly clothes, even winter gear (what most people don’t know). Original labels are offered in the many air-conditioned fashion-outlets. Often you will have to look twice to believe the prices – in many cases a fraction of the cost in the West!


Sri Lanka is an easy country to visit. For roughly US$ 3 you can get a three-wheeler ride which brings you into town and provides a very unique experience. Small villages, authentic life and many new things to discover are making it the Sri Lanka we love.
Excursions and round-trips can be arranged by us.


Wildlife-Parks require at least a full day trip. Better is staying overnight. In the parks you can hire 4x4 Jeeps and off you go. Try to bring some binoculars. Wild elephants, buffalos, peacocks, lizards, crocodiles and unbelievable many birds will be your reward.

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