Waterski & Wakeboarding Site in Hikkaduwa

We train on the Hikkaduwa Ganga, a 5 sqmile inland lake which is connected to the Indian Ocean. Our base is integrated in the Kallabongo Lake Resort.
From here we start daily watersport sessions of your choice.
The only other presence on the lake are a few local fishermen, fishing for fresh-water prawns and crabs in their outrigger boats.
We run the only power boat on this lake, with up to 800 m straight shoot.

Waterski & Wakeboarding Site in Negombo

A tropical vegetation on all shores creates a perfect idylic tropical paradise.
Guests of the Kallabongo Lake Resort and the adjacent Asian Jewel are living directly on the lake at our base.
The center of Hikkaduwa (3 km) can easily be reached by tuk-tuk within 5 minutes.

Like that you can enjoy the best of two worlds: the tranquil lake with your hotel and watersport right next to it plus a lively surfer beach with an endless choice of restaurants and bars. What can you ask more ?! 

Hikkaduwa Photo Gallery

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