Training in Hikkaduwa

You can use our trampoline to loosen up and to train some moves before the start. If you are serious in trampoline training you can use our tramp-board. For balance training we are using INDO BOARD 's.

We will plan your training individually according to your needs. With the help of our professional instructors we feel sure that you will leave with a couple of new moves.

Training in Hikkaduwa

And you will have the chance to talk to professionals who are using our base as training camp.

The boat goes out for two sessions per day (1 hour riding time per day/ rider). Guests of our camps are entitled to share both of those sessions with a maximum total of 6 riders. We are totally convinced that this training concept meets a realistic mix of enjoying your holiday while still be able to improve your riding.

Our coaches will work out a training plan, the best way on how to approach learning a new move. Plus, being in the boat with the other camp riders, you'll get inspirated by their riding as well. 

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