Water Skiing in Hikkaduwa

Water ski in Hikkaduwa is aimed at beginners up to intermediate level skiers. There is no buoy course available here (available at our Negombo location), but skiers can enjoy a straight shoot of 800 metre length. This will enhance learning progress for newcomers to the sport of mono skiing. Our equipment and coaching techniques makes learning to waterski on two skis an easy task. Once you are stable on two skis, dropping one ski or even starting on one ski are the next steps. Are you still having trouble to get up on one ski ? Come to Hikkaduwa and let us have a close look on your troubleshooters... 

Water Skiing in Hikkaduwa

Waterskiing came long before wakeboarding and all other related watersports were invented. Still today it is what a total beginner should learn first, before trying a wakeboard or else.

Although in Hikkaduwa we are catering to mainly wakeboarders, our equipment and experience in mono-skiing as well as teaching beginners to ride on two skis, will satisfy your expectations or more... 

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