Hikkaduwa is located 160 km from Sri Lanka’s international airport. Transfer can be arranged by taxi/mini bus and is around 3 hours.

The former fishing village was “discovered” by Hippies and Australian surfers in the early 70’s, and is a world class point break with a smaller beach break for beginners to learn the basics of surfing.

Meanwhile Hikkaduwa developed into the “gateway to the South”, a destination for surfers from all over the world in search of the prime surf spots.

Sri Lanka, Hikkaduwa

The infrastructure of Hikkaduwa accommodates backpackers as well as “high-end tourists”
Apart from the famous surf spots, Hikkaduwa is known for its great diving. Over 5 professional dive operators are serving the 20+ dive sites which includes outstanding wreck diving.


Wakeboarding in Hikkaduwa


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