Hydrofoiling in Negombo

Hydrofoil ski are pulled by a typical ski boat using similar equipment as water-skiing & wakeboarding. Life vests, wetsuits, drysuits, non-stretch ski ropes, and gloves are the norm. But because the foil is so streamlined & so efficient, the amount of effort it takes to hold on to the rope is considerably less than a conventional water-ski. So if riders just want to cruise, they can go for miles with a lot less effort. Big riders aren't at any disadvantage with their smaller counterparts as they can "fly" like the rest.

Hydrofoiling in Negombo

Young kids pick it up quickly. Jumps are the first manoeuvre that riders usually learn. Then inevitably they try to flip it. Many riders pick up inverted manoeuvres within the first or second year they ride. Then the trick list is long & has names like skidder, back rolls, front roll, MacThruster, gainer, rodeo, undertaker, floater & even one called the flying chicken.

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