Kite Surfing in Negombo

The birth place for kiteboarding in Sri Lanka is in Negombo. One of the factors for this are the nearby production facilities of NORTH KITEBOARDING, FAITH KITEBOARDING, CORE KITEBOARDING and KITE-FACTORY.
The other factor is good wind conditions for kite boarding. 
Especially in the months January – March, when the NE trade winds will provide the necessary power.

In May to August the wind shifts to the SW direction with higher shore break and high sea. More for advanced and professional kiters.
Over a length of 5 km, the beach of Negombo is wide enough for take off and landing.
A highlight is the downwinder from Nainamadana to Negombo. You can start directly in front of the Kumudu Valley Resort or the Dolphin Hotel and kite 8km along the coast to Negombo. A dream!

Kite Surfing in Negombo

We do organize kite trips to Kalpitiya (80 miles), which appeals to all advanced or professional kiters due to the high wind conditions and flat water spots as well. If you wish to learn how to Kiteboard, here you find the safest learning enviroment due to shallow lagoons and steady winds.

Courses can be booked on a one-to-one basis. Please contact us for more details.

As the official dealer for the kitesurf label Kitefactory, we are proud to use their range of kites for rentals and courses.

We are the first kitesurf school in Sri Lanka with a certified, multilingual instructor. You can obtain various levels in kitesurfing, while doing courses with us. Our affiliated association is VDWS. Our kitesurf license no. is : K-0286-03. courses can be conducted in English or German. 

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