Water Skiing in Negombo

Our camps are catering for all water skiers (slalom, tricks and barefoot), wakeboarder and kiteboarders who want spend the winter at the ultimate, tropical spot. From beginners to professionals, from young to the still young at heart, singles, couples and families, come and discover a dream spot in Asia.

only slalom course in Sri Lanka

We are proud that we operate the only slalom course in Sri Lanka. The buoy course lays well protected in front of the Kumudu Valley Resort.
Our main focus is on slalom but we also offer wakeboard, trickski, waterski for kids, and an air chair, if required, with professional coaching.

Our tow boat, the INFINITY ZX 1, enhances quick progressing for all levels: small wake at all rope-lengths and speeds combined with heavy duty acceleration for easy starts. A PERFECT PASS Star Gazer GPS System provides constant pull during the ride.

Barefoot waterski is certainly possible

Barefoot waterski is certainly possible. The INFINITY ZX 1 reaches a top speed of over 70 km/h. A barefoot training boom is available as well as two barefoot protection suites.
Our waterski course has only a length of 500 m but the perfect water conditions are making it possible to barefoot waterski all day long.

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