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Holger Brümmer, born 1971, operates a waterski- and surf school at the Mecklenburger lake region, Germany, since 1995.

Season there is from June to September, in the winter months he increased his experience as watersports trainer at the ROBINSON and ALDIANA holiday clubs as well as on a the Maldives islands. 
It was a job on the Maldives which introduced him to Sri Lanka where he accidentally found the dream spot in March 1998.

Holger is the head coach of our Negombo location. His passion for slalom skiing keeps him up-to-date with the latest developments in techniques and equipments.

His personal best is 5@11metres/ 55 kph. On a wakeboard he is happy to show you big wake180s, 360s, back rolls and others.

Holger is a qualified watersport instructor with valid VDWS licenses for windsurfing and kitesurfing. He is a patient coach for beginners to pros as well.


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Kumudu Valley 
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Hotline: +94 (0)777 362458
(only September - May)

between June and September you can reach us at +49 172 940 26 87

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The starting point is at the 'Dream Spot" Watersport Camp, only 15 minutes from Negombo Beach. Located at ...


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Fitted with flite pipe (extended tow mast for wakeboarding), beginner training boom ...


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If required, we will work out an individual training plan with you. If you just want to get right into it ...

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