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Wakeboarding in Negombo

Our towboat in Negombo is equipped with a flite pipe, i. a 2.5 meter extended towmast. Wakeboarding is especially recommended for riders up to an advanced level because the stern wave of our mid-engine train boat requires learning a precise technique.

You dream of a wakeboard spot with flat, clear water, luxury villas and a crystal clear ocean, all in one location? This is us ! Even kitesurfing is possible from 3 pm onwards.


Our spot in Negombo has perfect water conditions all day long. No riding on "cobblestones". This is easy on your muscles and makes learning new moves faster.

Wakeboarding is a very good alternative for kiteboarders too, if the wind is not sufficient. For kite newcomers, the learning process can be accelerated enormously, since the board feeling on a wakeboard, resembles that of a kite board.

Our Wakeboarding Rates

per day 90 euro or per week (5 days) 450 euro.
All inclusive equipment, coaching, 2 long or 3 short sets, video analysis, flat water all day long
Beginner courses are 45 euro for a 40 minutes course
Sets are 38 euro for 6 passes of slalom or 15 min boarding

We are only accepting a limited number of active watersport enthusiasts any given time,
to ensure a maximum of individuality and time on and off the water.
No rush, no stress, but just good vibes !!
Transfer from airport to camp is just 20 minutes or 17 km.
Book your space or equipment in our camp now.

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Our Location

The starting point is at the 'Dream Spot" Watersport Camp, only 15 minutes from Negombo Beach. Located at ...


Our Equipment

We do have all needed watersport equipment on-site. Selected brands, well maintained ...


Our Boat(s)

Fitted with flite pipe (extended tow mast for wakeboarding), beginner training boom ...


Our Coaching

If required, we will work out an individual training plan with you. If you just want to get right into it ...

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